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This online book showcases people's stories about organ and tissue donation. Over 300 stories have been submitted by donor families, transplant recipients, workers in the field, friends, neighbours and extended family members.

Join with others and share your story. Stories and images can be submitted via the form on the right. Please upload the highest resolution image available so that printed versions include quality images.

There is a word limit for story submissions of around 350 words (or 1500 characters). Surname's or identifying material will be removed to maintain a level on anonymity as this information is only for our records.

We are currently filling volume 17 in the smaller versions, all of which contain 19 individual stories. Approval processes and editing need to happen before publishing on-line, so please allow 10 working days before you receive confirmation of your story.

If you are having trouble submitting your story or need further information, please contact the Authority.